Dear surfer,

We understand this site as the best presentation card of Malpartida de Cáceres where we do not only summarize the major tourist and heritage resources that we have, but also the virtues of our social heritage through its humble and hospitable people always committed to their land.

If you decide to come to Malpartida de Cáceres you will not have enough time to discover the Fluxus art and the Happening at Vostell Malpartida Museum, one of the first museums of contemporary art in Spain, or to get impressed with the balance between the ponds and the largest catalogue of granite molding of the Natural Monument Barruecos; or to admire the elegance of the many white storks that inhabit Malpartida because after all we are the only European Spanish town considered as a Stork Village, or you may get moved in the centre of the Cattle Routes where we get into the pastoral culture which all families from Extremadura know so closely, or even you may walk our streets full of white walls and large chimneys in perfect harmony with a well maintained vernacular Heritage and at the same time you can delight yourself with our great food, where patatera, tench, shepherd crumbs or Extremadura frite will help you to continue this intense visit.

There are many resources that we have to make a unique tourist offer, neither better nor worse than the others, but unique and exclusive, with which we have no doubt we will seduce you, an offer always dressed with the great human quality of the people from Malpartida, we will receive you arms open to make you feel at home.

On behalf of Malpartida de Cáceres, visit the website and "let me surprise you."



Alfredo Aguilera Alcántara

Mayor of Malpartida de Cáceres