Narbon Museum

Monographic museum dedicated to artist Juan José Narbón (1929-2005). This title belongs to Caja de Extremadura. It is located on the cross street number 26 in Malpartida, Cáceres.

The Museum, installed in a 19th century farm house, exposes numerous works of the artist. It is composed of 12 rooms, structured under the conductor and logical thread of the chronology, which thus sets a continuity in the work of the painter. In the rooms that make up the ground floor you can see works of the early stages are where patent the footprint of the academic learning and his subsequent discovery of the European avant-garde of the sixties: constructivism, informalism, poor art, abstraction, whose models inspired.

The second floor contains works carried out since the 1980s until his most recent creations. They are paintings of great schematic where is makes intense use of symbols so that the figure only is sensed, reaching the total abstraction of the idea.

Phone: 927 27 62 87
Opening hours: Saturday from 11:30 h. to 13:30 h.

Museum Narbón Malpartida

Museum Narbón Malpartida
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