Route «Path of Stork»

The route of 'The Path of Stork' runs along the corridor that links the town of Caceres Malpartida with Natural Monument Barruecos by contacting its two main colonies of White Stork: urban colony that sits on buildings Malpartida iconic, and the colony Barruecos naturally nesting on large granite boulders, whose originality earned Malpartida de Cáceres be named European Stork Village 'representative of Spain.

Path of Stork

Path of Stork
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In this tour you can enjoy watching two colonies of storks on poles, called 'forest nests' in the Thicket Pond and Wetland 'Stork'. Other sites of historical or environmental interest are marked and equipped with interpretive panels that invite you to enjoy and better understand our environment.

The difficulty of this route is zero, due to its flat profile. Its length is 3 kilometers from the Plaza de la Nora. The route ends at the Natural Monument Barruecos where you can also enjoy a wide variety of nature trails (Ruta de las Peñas Treasury path Barrueco Up, Ponds Road, Route of the Geological and Archaeological Heritage Natural monument Barruecos.

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