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Tour discovering the civil and religious heritage of the city and its architecture. It is a must to know the Parish Our Lady of the Assumption Church, for its artistic value , since it has an important plateresca cover as well as a valuable altarpiece Vicente Barbadillo or image of Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno de José Salvador Carmona.

From the outside of the church, you can see the large colony of white storks nesting on the roof of this religious building , and the flight of birds , and sometimes , the deafening noise they make with their beaks ( called Malpartida ' make gazpacho ' to Crotoreo storks ) .

Next to the church , the 'Casona ' or House of the Inquisition is an example of civil architecture of the town . Other civil buildings like the Palacio Topete , the Fallen Palace or ' House of Ovando ' , Los Arcos de Santa Ana and the Palace of the Parras Street, are inserted in typical own architecture Plain cacereña trujillano penillanura houses.

Whitewashed houses , with their vain recercados granite , and with original brackets on windows called ' alpoyatas ' , you can enjoy an attractive popular environment.

Cross street

Cross street
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The hermitages who are in the village or in the vicinity retain popular flavor is enhanced by the perfect condition of these ( within the town is the chapel of San Antonio , Santa Ana and the Holy Martyrs ) . Outside the chapel of the Virgen de la Soledad and the hermitage of San Isidro) are located.

They enjoy the tranquility of the Plaza Mayor, in places like the Plaza del Carmen or the Plaza del Sol , as well as typical streets : Cross , Churches , New , Barrionuevo Large or Carmen Street , will not leave one indifferent tourist. It is also recommended to get to the Plaza de La Nora , an open nature and lively space.

Tourists are advised to visit the Tourist Office of Malpartida de Cáceres (Santa Maria 4 Street ) located in the vicinity of the Plaza Mayor and Parish Church. Here tourists have at their disposal the advice you need for a better knowledge of the town , in addition to diverse tourist material.

Tourist Office of Malpartida de Cáceres
Phone: 927 27 67 23
Email: turismo@malpartidadecaceres.es