Week of the Stork

Week of the 2013 stork

Week of the 2013 stork
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Since 1990, uninterruptedly, the Stork week is celebrated in Malpartida de Cáceres. The initiative came from the Town Council and a group of individuals related to the conservation of nature. Already on that first occasion were carried out activities which, over time, have come to have great relevance and are key to the success of the celebration. We refer to the delivery of the 'Silver Stork' - every year award is awarded to organizations or individuals who have excelled in the defence of the environment-the prestigious international photographic competition on the Stork, the activities of environmental education where participating school, who with the collaboration of conservation associations and authorities such as the Provincial Council or Junta de Extremadura.

Date of celebration: does not have a fixed date, held in spring, between the months of April and may.