Region Tajo-Salor-Almonte

Roman bridge of Alcántara

Roman bridge of Alcántara
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Malpartida de Cáceres is included within the Comarca Tajo-Salor-Almonte, consisting of 15 municipalities and framed by the three rivers that call it.

In its extensive area are given a variety of ecosystem of interest, counting a total of 26 protected natural spaces. We enjoy one of the Mediterranean forests better preserved in the Sierra de San Pedro, Lake and aquatic habitats in its abundant reservoirs and river banks, meadows Oaks and cork oaks, steppe areas... The catalogue of species is equally diverse: from the Iberian imperial Eagle, Kestrel colonies lesser or black, and white Storks to Cenados and wild boar that allow hunting farms.

Its border character and the settlement of the military orders of the Temple and Alcantara ensure a rich heritage.

This heritage is extended with the abundant archaeological sites (can be visited are the Roman Villa of Monroy or Aliseda Treasury) or the testimonies of the Roman era as the Alcántara bridge and the River Erjas, among others.

There is a good range of quality rural accommodation and a gastronomic offer that surprises many of their populations in the region. It is worth to try products like the Torta del Casar, sausages, meats of hunting, lamb, traditional sweets or the tench, fish from the ponds which dedicated an annual feast that is considered of gastronomic interest.

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